Enrique Castillo, engineering solutions to explore the outer space

Enrique Castillo

Enrique Castillo stopped working as an engineer in Barcelona (Spain) and returned to his home in Granada, Andalusia. He works as a line manager in Tecno-Alborán, a company which has developed some pieces for the European Space Agency. The company has participated in the ‘Galileo Galilei’ project, along with the Japanese Space Agency and the […]

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Miguel Ángel López Valverde, Andalusian science to explore Mars


He remembers that he wanted to study the outer space when he was a boy. Miguel Ángel López Valverde is an expert on Mars’ high atmosphere. He coordinates the European project Upwards from the Andalusian Institute of Astrophysics. Seven institutions from five different countries are part of this project. Miguel Ángel López Valverde has also […]

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