An Andalusian startup is designing a handy pedal to revolutionise rock music


‘La Cosa’ is a new product from the Sevillian startup Ad-Lib. Its aim is to solve problems faced by guitarists when on stage. It’s connected to the analogue pedal which is what’s used for creating sound effects such as echoes, distortions and equalisations… Until now, the guitarist had to step on various pedals, disconnect one, […]

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Andalusia is giving a voice to international cinema through an educative dubbing project


A pioneering agreement is allowing Grenadian students to dub short films and documentaries premiered at international festivals into Spanish. It is an initiative promoted by the Andalusian Council, the University of Granada, through their Audio-visual Translation Masters programme, and the dubbing and speech department from the Remiendo Theatre School.

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Miguel Ángel Gutiérrez, from Écija to Europe with the taste of traditional confectionary


Miguel Ángel Gutiérrez is the manager of San Martín de Porres a confectionary business in Écija and with more than fifty years of history, it is a symbol of the Sevillian province. Their specialties include, traditional oil and butter ‘tortas,’ which on a daily basis leave the Écija factory on their way to England, France, […]

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