About us

ANDALUSIAN STORIES‘ is an audiovisual news agency that distributes its content free on the Internet. Content can be downloaded free of charge by the traditional and digital media, social networks, bloggers and web surfers in general.

The aim of ‘ANDALUSIAN STORIES‘ is to broadcast an image of Andalusia that is not the clichéd one but rather one that focuses on stories about the people, businesses and collectives in Andalusia who are developing innovative, pioneering and original projects to do with commitment, modernity, enterprise, sustainability, leadership, etc. Every day on our website you will find a new video of a story of light presented with the highest levels of professionalism as a piece of audiovisual news. But we want the success of our platform to be based on PARTICIPATION, because cooperation is in the genes of our Company and we believe in everybody’s capacity to contribute and the Web’s to distribute.

ANDALUSIAN STORIES‘ is a project by Alma Comunicación y Estrategia, an Andalusian company staffed by journalists and professionals with lengthy experience in the media sector and institutions. The company takes on any new challenge with a particular approach: not to do things a certain way because they’ve always been done that way, and not to not do them because they’ve never been done before.