Intelligent canes alert users of their misuse to avoid compromising rehabilitation


Gema Chamorro, researcher from the Faculty of Physiotherapy of the University of Seville, has designed canes that use a radiofrequency system to alert users with visual and acoustic signals in case of misuse. A bad use of canes can cause serious consequences like delays in the patient’s recovery, muscular or joint problems, etc.

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Pedrita Parker, the alter ego of an illustrator who has succeeded with of Queen Freckles


Pedrita Parker  is the alter ego of Estefanía Martínez, a woman born in Málaga (Spain) who was about to become a university teacher but ended up dedicating to design and illustration. He has a Journalism degree and also studied a Design and Audiovisual Production master’s degree in the United Stated. Her success has been promoted […]

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Earthworms work for farmers recycling the vegetable waste generated in Almería’s greenhouses


Tecomsa, a company based in Almería, is pioneer in Spain offering the complete recycling cycle of vegetable waste, turning them into fertilizer using earthworms, specifically California red earthworms. It takes them eight months transforming the vegetable waste into this worm humus, very beneficial for plants.

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