Breast milk to improve memory thanks to a natural component that isn’t found in animal milk

Breast milk

The consumption of breast milk improves memory and learning skills. It is the conclusion obtained from a study carried out by the Pablo de Olavide University and the University of Jaén, with the collaboration of the Abbott multinational company. According to this research, the key lies in an oligosaccharide called 2’-Fucosyllactose and that is found […]

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La Ciudad Accesible: working towards greater accessibility and social inclusion


La Ciudad Accesible, headquartered in Granada, is a non-profit project that works in support of universal accessibility. They were awarded the 2015 European Citizens Prize by the European Chamber in the category of Inclusion. This project is leading numerous protests and has also carried out more than 7,500 free legal advice consultations.

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Irene Ureña, discipline en pointe to get to the Spanish National Dance Company with Don Quixote

Irene Ureña

Irene Ureña was born in Almuñécar, in the province of Granada, and begun to dance ballet at the age of two. When she was eight, she entered the Reina Sofía Professional Dance Conservatory in Granada. At the age of fifteen she moved to Madrid, where she continued her training at the Mariemma Royal Conservatory of […]

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