Juan Soler, Maths applied to Biology

Juan Soler thinks that it is very rewarding to solve problems with professionals from other disciplines who share a same goal despite they speak different languages. This professor of Applied Mathematics from the University of Granada is behind BioMat, a Biomathematics school that has become an international leader. In addition, this researcher has a passion for cinema.

Hernán Míguez, a physicist who has patented inventions that are used worldwide

Hernán Mínguez is a vocational scientist. He works at the Institute of Materials Science of Seville, and in 2017 awarded the prize given by the Spanish Royal Society of Chemistry and the BBVA Foundation in the Physics, Innovation and Technology Category. His work on photonic materials has allowed Hernán to patent twenty inventions at an international level.

Eulalia Petit, excellence in teaching with the first cum laude diploma in International Law in Spain

Eulalia Petit was the first Spanish woman to obtain a cum laude diploma from The Hague Academy of International Law. She was born in Seville and since she was a little girl she did justice to her name, which means ‘who speaks well’, and she loved to talk well and much. She decided to study Law with the intention of becoming a diplomat in the future; however, she finally became an International Law Professor at the University of Sevillle, although she also teaches classes worldwide. In addition, Eulalia has a passion for bread and science. But, despite all this, the goal of this remarkable woman is being remembered as someone happy.