José Esquinas, the guardian of agricultural biodiversity fighting hunger and poverty

The agricultural engineer, José Esquinas, has worked for 30 years for the FAO, the organization of the United Nations that fights global hunger. His work has contributed to preserve the biodiversity of agricultural species throughout the planet, thanks to the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food, promoted by himself and signed by 140 counties. Its goal is to ensure the conservation of the diversity of agricultural species in germplasm banks, its sustainable use and the fair distribution of benefits for farmers.

Antonio Bañón, a determined impulse towards the social view of rare diseases

Antonio Bañón’s son was diagnosed with a rare disease, what threw himself into their study. This professor of Spanish Philology at the University of Almeria (Andalusia) is the promoter of the Observatory for Rare Diseases. It was founded in 2009, but it wasn’t until 2012, thanks to the support of the Spanish Federation of Rare Diseases, that it was consolidated. Since then, the Observatory has collected information on this kind of diseases from a social, educational, cultural and media point of view. Since it was founded, the treatment of these diseases in the media has improved and it calls for the involvement of society to improve the lives of the 8 million people who suffer from a rare disease in Spain.

Sergio García-Dils, explorer of the Earth’s depths

Sergio García-Dils, from Écija (Seville), is a member of the speleologists team which holds the world record of deep caving. In 2016, he descended 2,144m in a chasm of Abkhazia, in the Caucasus, along with some Russian scientists. Despite their record, Sergio assures that the eagerness to know and document what happens in the depths of the Earth is the only thing which encourages him. This curiosity led him to his other side: being an archeologist. García-Dils, besides being a member of the World’s speleology elite, is the archeologist of Écija, the municipality where he leads the site excavations whose archeological remains date from the 9th century BC. Does Sergio represent the figure of the romantic explorer? He prefers not to classify anyone. He talks about a constant and conscientious job, but not as a romantic one.

María del Carmen Robles, a nurse specialized in Mental Health who has become a referent

María del Carmen Robles was born in Granada, Andalusia, and studied Nursing. She was always sure that she was passionate about dealing with the patients, so she decided to specialize in Mental Health at the Hospital Complex of Granada. In April 2017, she was awarded the Prize for the Best Research Project in the Spanish Congress of Mental Health Nursing, which was held in Murcia, Spain. Her research is focused on the borderline personality disorder, a mental disorder in which she would like to specialize in.