Francisco Gámiz, searching for new uses for graphene to combat cancer

He leads the Graphene Lab of the University of Granada, one of the most complete public labs in Europe. Franciso Gámiz has collaborates in several European projects, and his group coordinates an over 4.5 million euros European project about ‘The Internet of Things. In addition, they are working on graphene biosensors able to detect cancer markers.

Reyes Peña, microscopic fauna to regenerate soil

Reyes Peña is a professor from the University of Jaén and, since 1991, directs the Andalusian Nematology Group. This group is an international leader in the study of this microscopic animal species, tiny worms that intervene in biodegradation and regeneration processes of the soil. Only between 1 and 10% of their species are known, and over 120 have been identified by this group. They currently work with samples that come from Iran, Costa Rica, Vietnam and Spain. Their work has been determinant in the evaluation of soil regeneration after Aznalcóllar’s catastrophe.

Aurora Valenzuela, an expert on legal medicine applied to large catastrophes

Science and Law were her favourite subjects and she found the ideal combination in Legal Medicine. Granadian Aurora Valenzuela has a degree and a PhD in Medicine and Surgery, a degree in Odontology, and is a Professor in Legal and Forensic Medicine. She is the first woman to be appointed dean in the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Granada, and has collaborated with the Victim ID Team of the Civil Guard in large catastrophes.

José Pérez Bernal, a restless doctor that raises awareness about organ donation

Doctor José Pérez Bernal has dedicated 43 years to save lives in the Intensive Care Unit of the Virgen del Rocío Hospital of Seville. He was there when this unit was created and, throughout his career, he has faced the challenge of fighting death within the limits of the technology available and the progress of Medicine. However, the work of Pérez Bernal has been mostly recognized in the organ donation sphere, due to his major efforts in raising awareness about this subject, braking taboos and knocking down false beliefs.