José Galindo, an expert engineer in improving the running of Android apps

He likes to say that his thesis has been “like an interrail”. A professor at the University of Seville, his research has led José Galindo to work in the United States, France and Spain. As a result of his analysis of Android systems, video surveillance and technical language, he has created IT tools that are being used in influential multinational companies. He is now receiving an award for the best national thesis in his subject.

Clara Grima, a maths enthusiast awarded for her scientific outreach work

In school, she discovered her favourite game: maths. At university she would find her true passion: research. And her children have showed her a new path: scientific outreach. Clara Grima is a lover of maths, literature, music and learning. She assures that, of all this, the only thing missing is music. This Sevillian has brought maths to books, theatre and radio. This has made her worthy of four important awards for scientific outreach.

Vicky Hedwig, the plant conservationist in the middle of the desert

Since 2000, Vicky Hedwig, who is Spanish but has a German father and a French mother, has been the conservation technician at the Albardinal, a garden belonging to the Andalucian Network of Botanical and Mycological Gardens. The garden is located in the Cabo de Gata natural park, in the village of Rodalquilar. It receives 12,000 visitors each year and offers conservation programmes for school children and the general public, where they are taught that Almería is more than just a desert and that, underneath this initial impression of an arid zone, you can find great botanical richness. Her parents instilled into her this love of nature, but it was a teacher who pushed her towards Botany, her great passion.