Botanical researchers discover a new type of plant in Almeria, the Gadoria falukei

The universities of Almeria and Valencia are celebrating, as their botanists have just introduced the scientific world to a new type of vascular plant, which represents one of the most notable discoveries in Spanish flora in recent years. In the Sierra de Gador mountains in Almeria, The Naturalist Association of Almeria found a species that they were unable to identify. They sent samples to Juan Mota, a Botany professor at the University of Almeria and Jaime Güemes, a conservator of the University of Valencia Botanic Gardens, who, after years of study, have identified the new plant: the Gadoria falukei.

Wind turbines, an alternative for self-sufficient energy production at home

It doesn’t cause noise or vibrations. And also, unlike solar panels, it generates energy in the middle of the night. These are just some of the advantages of the prototype of a vertical axis wind turbine that the Electrical Engineering Department at the University of Cadiz is working on. “It could be a solution to reduce energy shortage and to supply electricity to developing countries,” states Rafael Jiménez, who is in charge of the study. The project isa collaboration between the UCA (University of Cadiz) and the Company ‘Ventum’.  Along with domestic use, the scientists plan for these wind turbines to be used on boats when sailing in order to reduce fuel consumption.

Smart Biosystem, intelligent irrigation to confront the planned obsolescence

A Cadiz entrepreneur has confronted planned obsolescence in the field of agricultural innovation. An automated farming system has been developed with a life expectancy of ten years. It is an intelligent irrigation system that feeds on solar energy and to which a farmer can gain access through his mobile device. It is an initiative of Smart Biosystem, a company promoted by the Minerva Program of entrepreneurship developed by Vodafone and the Andalusia government.

Molecular research improves the taste of greenhouse fruits and vegetables

Improving the taste of fruits and vegetables cultivated in greenhouses is the objective of a developing project at the Center for Research in Intensive Mediterranean Agro-systems and Agro-food Biotechnology at the University of Almería. By adjusting some of the parameters of the traditional cultivation system, such as shade or ventilation, researchers study how those variables affect the molecules associated with flavor. The molecular analysis is done using nuclear magnetic resonance.