La Ecocina, ecological menus promoting healthy diets

La Ecocina is a restaurant located in Cordoba that works to promote health and wellbeing through their ecological menus. All of the dishes on the menu are listed using 100% ecological products and are created for individuals who want to lead healthy diets and to clients with certain illnesses that would benefit from well balanced meals. The restaurant offers daily menus that give clients the liberty to choose from main meal dishes, breakfast options, snacks, or a list of tapas and drinks for those who simply want to snack: here, everything comes straight from nature.

Huella Solar, a site that informs about solar irradiance and saves electric energy

A site where users can find out how much electric energy could their homes produce through a solar panel by consulting solar irradiance levels . This is the Huella Solar project, developed by two Granadians. It is also a useful tool for local institutions, as it allows them to discover which the most efficient areas are. Many cities in Spain have their own solar map thanks to this platform.

Papaya farming in a greenhouse that is unique in the world

Researchers from the University of Almería and Las Palmerillas Experimental Station of the Cajamar Foundation have developed a papaya production model that is unique in the world. Almost four years of research have resulted in a model based on an early plant sexing technique used to select the plants that have the qualities demanded by the market.

University volunteers are the seed for an eco-friendly future

Students from the University of Almería have become environmental volunteers in order to help improve their surroundings. They accomplish this during various workshops, such as “Take Flight,” in which they construct nests for migratory birds. In addition to being familiar with the fauna on campus, they are directly involved with bettering the environment. This is a workshop from the Ecocampus project of the Environmental Office of the Andalusian Government.