Kandy García, the backpacker grandma who fulfilled her dream of going around the world

While Kandy García was working in a camping, she met a group of travelers who were going around the world. She decided that that was her dream and fulfilled it when she retired at age 66. Now, she is 82 years old and continues to travel. Kandy tells her story in the book ‘Abuelita mochilera’ (The backpacker grandma), as she is known today. When we recorded this interview, she was already prepared to start her new travel to Sri Lanka.

Jean Paul Vinay, from head chef of El Bulli to owner a restaurant in Granada

Jean Paul Vinay left France, his home country, and began working at the restaurant El Bulli in 1981. Thanks to him, this famous restaurant achieved its second Michelin star and he had the chance to work for Ferrán Adriá for some years. In 2017, he opened his own restaurant, ‘Flor de Olivo’, in the Granadian municipality of Montefrío. Jean Paul Vinay, who runs his restaurant along with his wife, serves product-based cuisine and one of his specialties: foie gras.

Maribel Adrián y Plácido Rodríguez, 30 years breeding birds in an ornithological paradise

Maribel and Plácido are biologists. In 1987, they bought a rural property, used in the past as a rubbish tip. It’s located near the Sevillian municipality of La Puebla del Río (Andalusia), and the Doñana Natural Reserve. 30 years later, thanks to their passion for birds and an incredible restoration work, this place has become a beautiful paradise for birds. La Cañada de los Pájaros is a centre for the recovery of threatened species, a shelter for birds when living conditions get worse and, since 1992, a referent for ornithologists and nature lovers.

Juan Rosendo, a gold embroiderer at the service of the Holy Week for 40 years

Juan Rosendo Rodríguez started working as a gold embroiderer in 1976. He began his training in the congregation Las Religiosas Filipenses of Malaga and then, he spent several years in the workshop of the master Esperanza Elena Caro, in Seville. With more than 40 years of experience, his workshop, Bordados Juan Rosen, was awarded the Artisan Mastercard. His works are distributed throughout the Spanish territory.