Traditional mail to keep the minds and wonder of the elderly alive

‘Postman Baldomero’ or ‘El Cartero Baldomero’ is an initiative developed in a nursing home in Seville that promotes traditional mail through hand-written letters that are exchanged between interns and volunteers from social institutions that are based near the nursing home. Camino is 85 years old and is one of the interns who collaborate in this project, which helps them socialize and keep their mind active.

Soccer shows green card to fair play

Bad behaviour is penalised on the soccer field, but the green card aims to reward the nice gestures of players to promote fair play. This initiative was born in Cádiz in 2013 and was implanted by the Royal Federation of Soccer of Andalusia a year after. The green card received the Fair Play Award from the University of Cádiz, and the Human Values Award given by the Association of Sports Journalists of Andalusia.

Judo to beat the exclusion of children with special needs

On his tatami children with and without special needs exercise together with no distinction. Gabriel Vera is a Sevilian judo teacher with 25 years of experience in the teaching of this martial art to young people with disabilities. One of his former students, Abel Vázquez, has represented Spain in three Paralympic Games. In his gym in Bormujos, Adrián, a nine year old boy is making progress. He has hearing loss and is affected by attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. “We were searching for a martial art due to their philosophy: balance, self-control…” assures Jesús, Adrián’s father. And that is what they have found in this sport and the lessons of Gabriel. Adrián is improving and learns how to communicate with his partners.

Volunteering among patients to normalise ostomies

People who wear ostomy bags help other patients like them to face this medical problem. It is a volunteering programme promoted by nurses from the Digestive Surgery Unit of the Malaga Regional Hospital. 12 people have received training to work as volunteers and have achieved to make other patients give less importance to ostomies and accept them as normal.