Universo Santi, the world’s first 100% inclusive restaurant

Universo Santi is the first restaurant in the world where the staff is completely composed of people with functional diversity. 45 people affected by any type of disability are in charge of serving the tables and cooking. The Accessible Universe Foundation is the promoter of this experience, whose goal is to achieve the complete social and labor integration of people with functional diversity.

AcroIntegra, a project that teaches acrobatic gymnastics to people with disabilities

The Balans Acrobatic Gymnastics Club develops in Granada an innovative project that aims to bring acrobatic gymnastics to people with intellectual disabilities. They develop the AcroIntegra project in collaboration with the provincial council. This initiative helps these people improve their physical condition and coordination.

A site to stop negative rumours about immigrants

The Stop Rumores (or Stop Rumours) site was created in 2013, with the support of the Andalucía Acoge organisation, in order to end with negative rumours about immigrants. This site tries to disprove false information that make people believe, for example, that the health system is collapsed because of the immigrants and that Chinese people don’t pay taxes.

Spain’s most optimistic hospital is in Huelva

Throughout 2017, the Juan Ramón Jiménez Hospital in Huelva received special recognition for their focus on creating positive environments for patients and their families, that’s why it was appointed the most optimistic hospital in Spain. Their initiatives and practices set an example for humanizing healthcare.