TeloReciclo: employment for people with disabilities by means of the recycling of cell phones

TeloReciclo is an initiative that launched in Almería and, thanks to it, individuals with intellectual disabilities have been able to gather out of service cell phones throughout the entire city with the intent to foster the recycling process of these devices. The project is sponsored by Orange, along with the association for people with intellectual disability A Toda Vela, and the eco- social company of messaging Koiki.  The program was created with the intention to generate jobs locally, to participate in the inclusion of individuals with intellectual disabilities in the labor market and to contribute to the sustainability of the environment through recycling.

Buzzetti Project: the path towards a decent independence for former shelter care residents

The members of a community of Salesian educators share their lives with young people at risk of social exclusion who used to be shelter care residents and that lost the protection of the administration when they turned 18. They share a wage, shelter and food and, in addition, they design a personalized itinerary with them that allows them to enter the labor market and accomplish what every young person wants: an independent life with dignity and guarantees. This is the first experience of its kind in Spain and it is called Buzzetti Project. It has been promoted by the Don Bosco Foundation.

Traditional mail to keep the minds and wonder of the elderly alive

‘Postman Baldomero’ or ‘El Cartero Baldomero’ is an initiative developed in a nursing home in Seville that promotes traditional mail through hand-written letters that are exchanged between interns and volunteers from social institutions that are based near the nursing home. Camino is 85 years old and is one of the interns who collaborate in this project, which helps them socialize and keep their mind active.