A study proves that physical exercise improves school performance

Researchers from the University of Granada have proved that the children who have a better physical condition have a higher volume of grey matter in the brain, and therefore a better school performance. The study was conducted with over one hundred boys and girls between eight and eleven years old. They proved that the motor skills were related to a higher amount of grey matter in two areas that are key for language processing and reading.

Aprendices visuales, tales in five languages that stimulate the learning process of children with autism

Miriam and Amélie are two entrepreneurs from Cádiz who believe that a picture is worth more than a thousand words, at least when it comes to dealing with children with autism. After their cousin José was diagnosed, they decided to create pictogram books. That was the origin of Aprendices Visuales, a small NGO with a great mission: That children with autism can have access to the tools that allow them to develop their full potential. Their tales are already used in over 20 countries.

#Merezcounacalle, a project aiming to bring equality to street name signs selected by Google

A project developed at a high school in Cártama (Málaga) is one of the 36 initiatives selected by Google at a world level. It’s #Merezcounacalle (or #Ideserveastreet), a project developed by the students of the Cartima High School and led by teacher Rosa Liarte, who has participated in training sessions organised by Google in Stockholm. They aim to bring equality to street name signs.