Marcos and the Moon, a story teaching children how to interact with classmates with autism

Little Marcos is a boy with autism from Mairena del Aljarafe, in Seville. He had some difficulties adjusting when he started school – he wasn’t used to being with so many other children and it made him nervous. For this reason, his mother, Iria Juaneda, has written ‘Marcos and the Moon’, a story inspired by her son, and his quirks, which she is hoping will teach his classmates how to understand and help him. The story has had so much success that she has received an offer of publication.

Artisan bakers show children the health benefits of traditional bread

The artisan bakers of Alcalá de Guadaíra, in Seville, have formed an association with which they hope to encourage people to eat their products, especially young people, in the face of competition from industrial bread. Through the organisation, they give workshops in schools to teach children how to make traditional bread and to demonstrate its positive health effects. The baking tradition of the town dates back to the Middle Ages. In the 20th century, it continued to be a leading economic sector in the city. However, there are now only 15 bakeries left.

The Federico Route programme introducing youngsters to the life and works of Lorca

The Council of Granada organises the ‘Federico Route’ programme, where high school students from all over Andalusia learn about the life and works of the poet from Fuente Vaqueros, in a fun and entertaining way. On the route they visit the Lorca house museum, take part in a riddle workshop and see an exhibition of toys from Federico’s era.