More effective breast cancer treatments through microcapsules that transport an antitumor drug

breast cancer

Scientists have used microgels for the first time, developed using gold spheres, in order to better the treatment of breast cancer. Investigators at the universities of Granada and Malaga have managed to transport an antitumor drug in these hollow microcapsules and have successfully tested this on cultures of tumour cells.

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Granada researchers participate in the space mission that searches for life in other planets

space mission

The on-board computer that will be in the PLATO space mission is being built in Granada. This mission will be launched into space in 2026. The European Space Agency has approved the construction of this mission in which researchers from the University of Granada and the Astrophysics Institute of Andalusia participate.

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Organic extra virgin olive oil to alleviate the symptoms of fibromyalgia


A study conducted by the University of Jaén, in collaboration with the University of Granada and the Jaén Hospital Complex, has proved that eating organic extra virgin olive oil alleviated the symptoms caused by fibromyalgia. 36 patients from the Fibromyalgia Association of Jaén have participated in this study. They formed two groups that followed similar […]

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