Mila Obama, a vital support for women with the aid of personal growth techniques

Mila Obama

Mila Obama is an expert in personal growth techniques. For years, she has been working with women from the less favored neighborhoods of Seville, Andalusia, in order to promote their psychological comfort and expand their horizons after living a life completely dedicated to their children and husbands. Born in Guinea, Obama is an activist who […]

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Imágenes street, an open air art gallery that aims to give visibility to social issues

Imágenes street

Every year, the residents of Imágenes street in Cordova make their neighbourhood into an urban art gallery. In May, adults and children take part in creating and exhibiting pieces of art and artistic messages on a social theme that everyone has chosen. In this way, artistic expression and citizens’ demands are brought together in a […]

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Jorge Jiménez, the hand giving life to the son of Superman in the new DC Comics series


Jorge Jiménez was born in Cádiar, in La Alpujarra (Granada). At 30 years old, he is one of the cartoonists of DC Comics that works on the ‘Supersons’ series. Currently, he leads this new series in which he gives life to the son of Superman. Before working for DC, he participated in other comics such as ‘Transformers’ and […]

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