Juan de Dios Salinas, 1.500 kilometers by bike to promote entrepreneurship


Juan de Dios Salinas studied informatics, marketing and commercial management. He directed a public company during a year in Granada. After that, he got on his bike and started ‘1.500 kilometers’, a project that made him travelling around Andalusia. He rode his bike for a month, promoting entrepreneurship with lectures and conferences. He made this journey […]

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Cordovan salmorejo gets to schools to teach gastronomy and healthy habits to students


Tomato, garlic, extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of salt are the ingredients of Cordovan salmorejo. More than 3.000 students from 87 schools in Cordova are learning how to prepare this traditional dish as well as its nutritional values thanks to an initiative promoted by the Gastronomy Guild of Cordovan salmorejo. Its objective is […]

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Miguel Ángel Tamarit, internationalization of Andalusian aviation at the service of crops


Since 2000, Miguel Ángel Tamarit is the president of FAASA Aviation, a company created in 1966.He started working there as a pilot but in the 80s he begun to take management responsibilities. This company was created in response to the demand of Spanish agriculture, which needed the assistance of planes in fertilization and fumigation tasks. […]

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