Discovering Calar Alto’s universe through astronomical tourism

With the objective of publicizing the facilities of the Astronomical Observatory of Calar Alto and highlighting the science that is being conducted there in an entertaining and informative way, the company of Granada Azimuth Spain, arranges visits to this gifted space that leads scientifically on an international level. It is the largest astronomical observatory in Europe. This is an astronomical tourism attraction designed for all of society.

A role-playing game to boost tourism in Úbeda

The Cero Culture Association from Úbeda, in the province of Jaén, has created a role-playing game based on a tour around the most emblematic places of this city, which was declared World Heritage Site. For two hours, the participants are given clues to solve enigmas. They can duel or be arrested by officers while they try to figure out who is behind the plan to kill Francisco de Cobos, the personal secretary of Carlos the Fifth. The plots of these tourist visits are changed continuously.