A Tomar por Mundo, a blog to travel the world on a budget

José Pablo and María José were two unemployed journalists living in Seville that in 2013 realised that it was cheaper to travel around the world than staying home. Four years later, this decision has enabled them to start their own business: the Adventure Club. In addition, José Pablo they are the creators of the first ‘Influencer, blogger and video blogger’ master’s degree in Spain.

A hotel in Granada teaches guests how to cook traditional dishes of the region

At the Alcadima Hotel in the town of Lanjarón, in the province of Granada, the staff want to give their guests an experience they won’t forget. They prepare traditional dishes of the region in front of the guests and then teach them how to cook the dishes themselves, thereby offering tourists a memorable experience through regional gastronomy.

Egoduco, a tour guide in your pocket so you can explore the world conveniently and affordably

Egoduco is an audio guide created in Almeria, the content of which was made by professional tour guides. It offers a convenient and affordable way for those who cannot do a guided tour, due to a lack of time or money, to benefit from the explanations. The app was developed within the entrepreneurship programme Minerva, promoted by the Council of Andalusia and Vodafone.

Bunker Inn Spain transforms WW2 bunkers into tourist accommodation

The Tourist Accommodation Management training programme at Tolosa High School in La Línea de la Concepción has designed a tourism initiative called Bunker Inn Spain. Teachers and students are working on adapting the bunkers which are spread through the countryside of this town in Cádiz, to convert them into tourist accommodation. This initiative has already been carried out in other European countries; however this would be the first in Spain to use fortifications from the Second World War as hotel rooms and a gastrobar.