A trip into Ancient History through 230 million year old dinosaur prints

In Santisteban del Puerto (Jaen) there are 26 mysterious dinosaur prints. The latest investigations have shed some light on them, though it is still not known which species they belong to; however, we can tell that it was a predecesor of the poposaurus or the theropod, dinosaur species that walked on two legs. The prints are unique in terms of their age – they are 230 million years old – and their shape.

The Wounded Horsewoman, a unique Roman sculpture that resists the passing of time

It was found in 2002, during the construction of an underground parking lot in the centre of Écija, Seville, in the former Roman forum of the ancient Astigi. The Wounded Horsewoman is a sculpture from the second century that is unique due to its excellent state of preservation. Over 42,000 people a year visit the local museum in order to admire her beauty.  This year is the 15th anniversary of its discovery.

The Renaissance of the South, inclusive tourism thanks to new technologies and augmented reality

The University of Jaén and the ONCE Foundation have designed an inclusive route called ‘The Renaissance of the South’, which allows universal access to the Andalusian Renaissance jewels, included the World Heritage cities Úbeda and Baeza. This route is part of the promotional actions carried out by the Provincial Council. To design it, they have taken all the existing kinds of functional disabilities into account, and they have used new technologies and augmented really to allow access to inaccessible places.

Discovering Calar Alto’s universe through astronomical tourism

With the objective of publicizing the facilities of the Astronomical Observatory of Calar Alto and highlighting the science that is being conducted there in an entertaining and informative way, the company of Granada Azimuth Spain, arranges visits to this gifted space that leads scientifically on an international level. It is the largest astronomical observatory in Europe. This is an astronomical tourism attraction designed for all of society.