Bunker Inn Spain transforms WW2 bunkers into tourist accommodation

The Tourist Accommodation Management training programme at Tolosa High School in La Línea de la Concepción has designed a tourism initiative called Bunker Inn Spain. Teachers and students are working on adapting the bunkers which are spread through the countryside of this town in Cádiz, to convert them into tourist accommodation. This initiative has already been carried out in other European countries; however this would be the first in Spain to use fortifications from the Second World War as hotel rooms and a gastrobar.

Tiny City Explorers, the app that will make young children enjoy cultural tourism

Paqui and Manuel are two Sevillian teachers with great passion for their work and for cultural tourism. They always travelled a lot and when their children were born they asked themselves the big question: “And how do we do it now?” They decided to do some trips that would also be appealing to little Julia and Mario, through activities and educational games. This way, they were all able to enjoy the experience together. Now, as a result of this experience, they have launched Tiny City Explorers, an app for mobile devices with fun and educational content that promotes cultural tourism for families by making it more appealing for children.

A trip into Ancient History through 230 million year old dinosaur prints

In Santisteban del Puerto (Jaen) there are 26 mysterious dinosaur prints. The latest investigations have shed some light on them, though it is still not known which species they belong to; however, we can tell that it was a predecesor of the poposaurus or the theropod, dinosaur species that walked on two legs. The prints are unique in terms of their age – they are 230 million years old – and their shape.

The Wounded Horsewoman, a unique Roman sculpture that resists the passing of time

It was found in 2002, during the construction of an underground parking lot in the centre of Écija, Seville, in the former Roman forum of the ancient Astigi. The Wounded Horsewoman is a sculpture from the second century that is unique due to its excellent state of preservation. Over 42,000 people a year visit the local museum in order to admire her beauty.  This year is the 15th anniversary of its discovery.