José Luis Guirao, education and Coconut Water to rescue children from social exclusion

José Luis Guirao

He is a vet and he moved to Cambodia to work for ‘Veterinarians Without Borders’. There, José Luis Guirao decided to create Agua de Coco, an organisation offering personalized assistance to families. He currently lives in Madagascar, the country where most of the projects of this international cooperation foundation are developed. They focus on education, […]

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Tate’s Adventures, a child’s game to overcome language and speech disorders

speech disorders

A group of entrepreneurs from Cordoba are the creators of Tate’s Adventures, an app that is unique in the market and that is aimed at children with language and speech disorders. It is a tool that provides support to parents and education professionals and that allows children to improve their linguistic and communication skills in […]

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Accessible science with a microbiology workshop aimed at children with hearing impairments

hearing impairments

The University of Jaén is developing educational workshops to promote scientific vocations amongst children. Their project includes children with disabilities. One of the workshops’ proposals is to introduce microbiology to youngsters with hearing impairments. Whilst staining bacteria and observing them under a microscope, they also learn that they have to wash their hands before eating […]

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