José Sánchez, olive oil pearls for Michelin starred cuisines

In 2014, José Sánchez created the Oleo Almanzora company and in 2015 they harvested their first olives.  He has put the focus on innovation within the olive oil manufacturing sector. They have 30 hectares of olive groves, the place where their olive oil pearls, which are their star product, come from. Their pearls are used in the kitchens of two Michelin starred restaurants: the Alejandro restaurant, in Roquetas, and La Costa restaurant, in El Ejido.

Juan Carlos Picón, mangos that enter the kitchen of a Michelin starred chef

He studied Optics but he has a passion for farming. Together with his father, Juan Carlos Picón manages two mango farms in Algarrobo (Málaga). Their production is organic and they sell fresh mangos, mango jam and mango liquor. Under their brand, ‘Sabor a mango’, their products are sold worldwide. In addition, Michelin starred chef Pedro Subijana has decided to use their mangos in his creations.

Beatriz Carrillo, the challenge of fighting for the equality of the Romany Community

Born in Cordoba, Beatriz Carrillo is vice-president of the Spanish State Council of the Romany Population, president of Amuradi (the University Romani Women Association of Andalusia), and president of Fakali (the Federation of Romany Women Associations). However, despite this huge responsibility, she has always a smile on her face, even when she defends the rights of the Romany Community, women’s empowerment and global access to education, both at a Spanish and at an European level.

Raimundo Iniesta, a hobby turned into natural liqueurs that are exported to Europe

What started as a hobby consisting in making his own lemon liqueur because he didn’t like the limoncello that is usually served in restaurants, has become a business that produces 2,000 bottles a year. That is the origin of Licores Naturales, a company based in Almería and created by tax advisor Raimundo Iniesta. They are specialized in the manufacturing of lemon, spearmint and cinnamon liqueurs that are made by hand and without chemicals.

The secret of their success is the quality of their products: lemon, from Almería; spearmint, produced by themselves; and cinnamon, organic and from Ceylon.