Jorge Lucena, a young public speaking expert that advises international politicians

Jorge Lucena is a twenty-nine years old young man who has made public speaking his way of making a living. He has been speech and debate World runner up at a university level, has a degree in History and has advised politicians both at a national and at an international level to help them improve their public speaking skills.

Isabel Porras, a passion for bikes that aims to normalise the use of their two wheels

Isabel Porras is a journalist who is in love with bikes, she was born in Madrid but she lives in Seville since 2010. Porras is the manager of a small school-workshop in this city, ‘Santa Cleta’, which has allowed her to be elected third vice-president of European Cyclists’ Federation. Now she is in charge of drawing up European proposals that fulfil the needs of local cyclists and that contribute to the normalisation of the use of bicycles as a form of transportation.