Egoduco, a tour guide in your pocket so you can explore the world conveniently and affordably

Egoduco is an audio guide created in Almeria, the content of which was made by professional tour guides. It offers a convenient and affordable way for those who cannot do a guided tour, due to a lack of time or money, to benefit from the explanations. The app was developed within the entrepreneurship programme Minerva, promoted by the Council of Andalusia and Vodafone.

Accessible science with a microbiology workshop aimed at children with hearing impairments

The University of Jaén is developing educational workshops to promote scientific vocations amongst children. Their project includes children with disabilities. One of the workshops’ proposals is to introduce microbiology to youngsters with hearing impairments. Whilst staining bacteria and observing them under a microscope, they also learn that they have to wash their hands before eating and that not all microorganisms are harmful.

Fiixit, 3D splints as an alternative to plaster casts to make fractures heal faster

Young entrepreneurs from Malaga are developing 3D printed splints that substitute plaster casts when a limb is immobilised from a fracture or break. The initiative, called Fiixit, is already in use in different orthopaedic centres. The main advantages compared to casts are that they are lighter, they let you sweat and they allow patients to start the rehabilitation process straight away.