A unique initiative turns young people into the health advisors of their mates

In the Almudeyne High School in Los Palacios, Seville, young health advisors are in charge of promoting healthy habits among their mates. The initiative of these students was started after the ‘Forma Joven’ programme was implemented in their high school. They decided to get involved and become a bond between their mates and health professionals. They detect problems and advice their partners. This is an altruistic initiative that is pioneering in Spain.

A study proves that physical exercise improves school performance

Researchers from the University of Granada have proved that the children who have a better physical condition have a higher volume of grey matter in the brain, and therefore a better school performance. The study was conducted with over one hundred boys and girls between eight and eleven years old. They proved that the motor skills were related to a higher amount of grey matter in two areas that are key for language processing and reading.