The Snake Game: a fun and sustainable road to school

The Snake Game is an initiative that combines sustainability and healthy habits. It is a project developed by the Jaen Council, which has been awarded the Good Local Practices for Climate Prize given by the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces. For two weeks, students receive training and information with the purpose of encouraging them to use sustainable means of transportation go to school. Their progress is reflected in a snake-shaped mural, and, in addition, they are given rewards such as longer breaks of getting to choose a movie.

Exchanging videos and stories for teeth: the online initiative of Pérez Mouse

Perez’s Visit is a website where parents can exchange the baby teeth of their little ones for customised stories and videos while Pérez Mouse, the Spanish version of the Tooth Fairy, brings the fairytale to life. This is the initiative of a Sevillian entrepreneur inspired by the excitement that her daughters feel for the magical mouse.

Sirae, an intelligent system to reduce the electric bill

A company in Malaga has developed Sirae, a system that allows for rationing electric consumption in homes. Through the use of devices and a mobile app, the user can control the consumption of his or her electrical appliances, use them during the hours when it is cheapest to do so, and in that way save on his or her electric bill. This project is part of the Minerva Program of technological entrepreneurship, boosted by Vodafone and the Andalusian Government.

Sanitary Leadership in Europe thanks to digital pathology, which accelerates the diagnosis

The Digital Pathology system of the University of Granada Hospital Complex allows for the study of 100% of the biopsies generated in all of the hospitals in the province. Its scanners are of the latest generation and have become a model for the rest of Europe. These scanners replace microscopes and facilitate the diagnostic work of the specialists.