Laura Maldonado, a rising talent of Spanish golf at the top of university sport

Born in Almería, Laura Maldonado is one of the most successful sportswomen of Andalusian university sport. Golf is her passion and she plays it since she was five years old, as it was a family tradition. She is currently 19 years old and was the winner of the University Championship of Spain in 2016. She also won the teams bronze medal in that same championship, and the silver medal in 2017. She supports university sports and encourages her colleagues to be a part of it and live great experiences.

Javier Aguilar, a paraclimbing champion that defies gravity

Javier Aguilar lives in Granada and is blind. He is also one of the world’s best climbers and mountaineers of paraclimbing. In the last World Competition, held in 2016, he got the forth position, and later, in 2017, he won the World Cup. Before he got into climbing, he participated in expeditions in Mexico, Guatemala and Morocco, at altitudes ranging from 2,000 to 5,000 metres. The first sport he had ever practised was swimming. He competed in the Paralympic Games of Sidney in 2000 and obtained an Olympic diploma.

Raúl Craviotto, pedaling towards the dream of competing in the World Cycling Race

He learnt how to ride a bike at the age of three and he watched bicycle races when he was a child. At 12, Raúl Craviotto joined the El Ejido Cycling Club. And now, only 15, he is a rising talent of Spanish cycling. He was Route Team Champion of Spain in 2017 and runner up in the individual cadet time trial of the Championship of Andalusia. His dream is to become a professional cyclist and compete at a world level.

Antonio Jiménez Quiles, a legend of Spanish cycling

He is now 83, but Antonio Jiménez Quiles, born in Granada, made history in the Spanish Vuelta of 1955. He reached the second place despite he didn’t have a team. This has never been accomplished again by any other Spanish cyclist. I was especially good at mountain stages, in fact, he was Mountain Champion of Spain twice. He climbed up the podium over a hundred times throughout ten years. The book ‘Jiménez Quiles. Memoirs of a Cyclist’, written by his daughter Ángela, is a tribute to his career.