José Manuel Fernández, a Paralympic athlete that is not detained by distances

José Manuel Fernández Barranquero started running to improve his school grades and ended up participating in two Paralympic Games. José Manuel, who suffers from a brachial palsy in his right arm, competed in Atlanta and Sidney, where he won a bronze medal in 800 meters and a silver one in 4×400. Then, he left the top-level competition, but never sport. Some years later, he returned to competition with duathlon, a sport in which he has been proclaimed medium distance Spanish champion of in 2017.

Andrea Molina, the first Spanish wrestler reaching the top of the European School Championship

Andrea Molina, born in Torredelcampo (Jaen) has been proclaimed European runner-up of Olympic Wrestling within the school category, in 2017. Besides, she’s Spanish champion in this same category. It is the most recent record of an intense trajectory that began in 2012, the year from which she started winning national and international medals. She dreams of participating in the Olympic Games. In 2010, she will reach the minimum age to participate in the Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

Acróbatos, an acrobatic gymnastics club triumphing in the Spanish Championship

Acróbatos was founded 19 years ago in Granada, Andalusia, and reached 400 members in 2017. This club teaches young people acrobatic gymnastics and tumbling. In the 2017 Spanish Championship they won 12 gold medals in different categories and some of their gymnasts have already participated in some European and World Championships along with the Spanish Team.

Raúl Morales, a Sambo fighting champion with a meteoric career towards the international podium

The typical sibling fights led Raúl Morales, born in Almeria (Andalusia), to the world of contact sports, until they became a way of life. He is Spanish champion in the U-18 category of Sambo fighting, Andalusian champion within this category and reached the forth place in the European Championship. Raúl defends this minority sport in which there are not blows, the opponent’s attack is used in order to make it offensive to him instead. He is a young rising talent within this sport who always trains hard and keeps his gaze fixed on a unique goal: the Olympic Games.