Engineers devise a revolutionary system to detect faults in industrial motors

A research team at the University of Huelva from the Study of Electronic and Mechatronic Systems Group has devised a wireless system through a software that allows the real time detection of critical faults in motors, measuring parameters such as temperature increase, vibrations or variations in the electricity supply and peaks of tension. The device saves time and resources: using a Wi-Fi connection, through a smartphone or laptop, it allows you to see the condition of the motors without needing to send out specialists.

The accidental creation of the folding flamenco box drum

Ten years ago, when he returned from a tour around Ecuador with the group ‘Siempre así’, the Sevillian drummer and percussionist Daniel Galiano found that his flamenco box drum had broken in the aeroplane hold. From then on, an idea took hold in his mind: to create a folding box drum that would be more convenient and secure for the musician. After much hard work and several prototypes, his invention is now on the market.

Atlas Centre, the first aeronautical centre in Europe that is specialized in drone trials

The Atlas Centre, located in Villacarrillo (Jaén), was opened in 2014 as the first aeronautical centre specialized in drone trials. In fact, it is the only one in Spain considered to be a segregated air space by the Spanish Agency of Air Safety, this means that it is only available for a specific type of aircraft. The weather conditions of the area and the absence of interference in its air space have turned it into the test scenario of companies from Spain, France, Great Britain and Germany.