Travel to the Seville of the past through virtual reconstructions

A team of entrepreneurs from Seville has created Sevilla Flash, an app for mobile phones that allows the user to become familiar with how Seville looked in past centuries through virtual reconstructions. It is devised for tourists and locals with an interest in the history of their city. As easy as walking through the city, one can enter the app and select the video that corresponds to a particular place in order to see what the constructions of the past looked like.

Colors play a role in the emotional work of students

A chromotherapy room meant to help emotionally stabilize students.  The Special Education School San Rafael of Granada, pertaining to the San Juan de Dios Hospital, counts on this innovative installation that uses three colors helps emotionally stabilize the students that suffer from severe behavioral disorder. This has become a benchmark on a national level for the work it does with its students.

An online radio show to preserve rural memories through the elderly

The oldest citizens of Taberno, in Almería, preserve the memories of the village through an online radio show called ‘El cajón de los recuerdos’ (or ‘The Memories Drawer’). There, the elderly tell how being a child or a teenager was like during the post-war. These pieces of history are captured in podcasts and stored in a blog. This initiative was boosted by the Guadalinfo centre of the village, according to an active aging programme that promotes the use of new technologies.