Ec2ce, artificial intelligence and big data to combat plagues

Sevilian entrepreneurs Ricardo and Pedro didn’t know anything about farming, but they knew a lot about business development. So, after considering it carefully, they decided to create Ec2ce, a company specialised in artificial intelligence and big data that helps agro-industrial and cattle farming companies make the right decisions regarding the management of their businesses. They offer predictive models that are able to predict, for example, the annual harvest, productivity, the evolution of plagues… Clients worldwide have shown interest in this innovative idea.

Floating water: an invention to combat swimming pool drownings

Antonio Ibáñez has worked as a researcher for NASA, has sold 50.000 artificial palm trees to the Libyan Government and has collaborated with the High Technology Special Unit of the Spanish Army. However, saving the life of a friend who was drowning in a swimming pool marked his investigative career. Ibáñez has patented two inventions with which he tries to stop these accidents from happening: a pool with a lifting platform and floating water. In addition, this inventor from Cádiz is already working on his third patent, consisting in a transparent patch equipped with a tracking device that alerts the emergency services of possible drownings in the open sea.