TobeeView, an agricultural software that let’s you see the world through an animal’s perspective

Investigators of the Arid Zones Experimental Station (EEZA) have created TobeeView, a software that presents reality as distinct species perceive it. All it requires is an introduction of an image and its concrete vision parameters in order to observe the world through their perspective and have the ability to study their conduct. This program can serve, for example, seed houses in the improvement of their varieties and creation of photos with the colors that are most striking for bumblebees, thus increasing pollination.

The Martians Postcards: Science and short stories from Mars to learn about the red planet

Postcards with images of the Martian landscape include small stories by an anonymous writer from Mars and give a scientific background about the project Upwards. The outreach tool is an initiative by the Institute of Astrophysics of Andalusia to publicize this European project, which is coordinated from Granada with participating institutions across 5 countries.

Travel to the Seville of the past through virtual reconstructions

A team of entrepreneurs from Seville has created Sevilla Flash, an app for mobile phones that allows the user to become familiar with how Seville looked in past centuries through virtual reconstructions. It is devised for tourists and locals with an interest in the history of their city. As easy as walking through the city, one can enter the app and select the video that corresponds to a particular place in order to see what the constructions of the past looked like.