Antonio Campos, the hands moulding the future of pottery

Antonio Campos is the last potter in Triana, a neighbourhood of Seville home to workshops which, at one point, produced skilled pieces of pottery for the four corners of the world. His workshop, the last one, is found, as it could be no other way, on Calle Alfarería (Pottery Street). He learned the trade in his home town of La Rambla in Cordoba, another place with a long tradition of pottery. Thirty years ago he decided to settle in Triana. And he’s still there. According to Antonio, there’s only one reason that his workshop has survived, and that’s “his obsession with doing a good job”. Five of his six children are following in his footsteps and working with clay. With them, the tradition is guaranteed to continue.

Valerie Samayoa, the fastest and most international fencer in Andalusia

Valerie Samayoa began fencing at the age of 12. She is now 16, has competed internationally ten times and is the most esteemed figure in Andalusian fencing, having participated eleven times in Spanish Championships. She trains at the Maracena Fencing Club in Granada and after three years is approaching her hundredth official competition (regional, national and international).

José Galindo, an expert engineer in improving the running of Android apps

He likes to say that his thesis has been “like an interrail”. A professor at the University of Seville, his research has led José Galindo to work in the United States, France and Spain. As a result of his analysis of Android systems, video surveillance and technical language, he has created IT tools that are being used in influential multinational companies. He is now receiving an award for the best national thesis in his subject.