José Solano, a young player at the top of paddle tennis

When he was only three years old, he played tennis in Coín (Malaga). At six, José Solano made the switch to paddle tennis. Eleven years later, at seventeen, he is Paddle Tennis Junior Champion of the World 2017 and was also Team Champion with the Spanish national Team in 2017. He has also begun to compete in the international professional circuit, the World Padel Tour.

Julio Pérez, from entrepreneur to businessman who offers leading solutions for smart cities

Julio Pérez is a self-made man. He studied Computer Engineering at the University of Seville, and, after working as a programmer for a few years, he decided to start his own business. He founded Soltel, a company that offers R&D systems engineering services aimed at smart cities that has 190 employees.

Curro Lucena, flamenco singing that is part of the history of this art form

He loved to listen to flamenco in the taverns of his hometown, Lucena, when he was young, but he was a shoe maker. However, Curro Lucena was a talented singer who decided to move to Madrid in the 70’s to receive training. He has recorded twelve albums and won the Spanish National Flamenco Award to the best discography in 2012. Previously, he won the Festival de Cante of Las Minas de La Unión in 1985.

Juan Soler, Maths applied to Biology

Juan Soler thinks that it is very rewarding to solve problems with professionals from other disciplines who share a same goal despite they speak different languages. This professor of Applied Mathematics from the University of Granada is behind BioMat, a Biomathematics school that has become an international leader. In addition, this researcher has a passion for cinema.