Domingo Sánchez, leading the magical world of Cirque des Sens

Domingo Sánchez founded Cirque des Sens in 2015, after working for the film industry in the producing company Merlin, located in Benalmádena, Málaga. Since then, this circus company has performed two shows. Thanks to the first one, ‘Aihua’, they have gone on tour across Spain and visited the Calderón Theatre, in Madrid. With their second show, ‘Kibai’ this company has become the first to go on tour around Saudi Arabia. On the stage, they combine acrobatics and circus arts.

Ana Sánchez, a social centre for the most disadvantaged people

Her life changed when Ana Sánchez was diagnosed with a malignant tumor. She was given six months of life. However, these prognostics were not fulfilled and Ana has been working for the Spanish NGOCalor y Café’ (Coffee and Warmth), located in Granada, Andalusia, in order to help homeless people for almost thirty years. They help about 100 people daily. Besides, this NGO also promotes several development cooperation projects in Kenya.

Alicia Relinque, a lover of the Chinese literature and culture

Travelling to China meant a change for one of her professors, and that caught her attention. When Alicia Relinque begun to study Chinese, she realized she loved it. Currently, she is the manager of the Confucius Institute, at the University of Granada, Andalusia. She was awarded by the Spanish forum Cátedra China gathering 160 specialists, thanks to her dissemination and research work regarding Chinese Literature. This award also recognizes her work as a specialist in the translation of the Classical Chinese Literature.

José Luis Gutiérrez, vehicles adapted to wheeled business

José Luis Gutiérrez, born in Seville, Andalusia, is the founding partner of the company Autocar Extreme. Vans turned into professional kitchens, dog grooming salons and even mobile bureaus or coffee shops. Vehicles are transformed to have a new life depending on the needs of the clients of his garage located in Dos Hermanas, Seville. José Luis, trained as a mechanic, has turned his work into pure art. His company is already a referent of this sector in Andalusia. He has one thousand adapted vehicles ready to be used in forest fire extinction.