Kandy García, the backpacker grandma who fulfilled her dream of going around the world

While Kandy García was working in a camping, she met a group of travelers who were going around the world. She decided that that was her dream and fulfilled it when she retired at age 66. Now, she is 82 years old and continues to travel. Kandy tells her story in the book ‘Abuelita mochilera’ (The backpacker grandma), as she is known today. When we recorded this interview, she was already prepared to start her new travel to Sri Lanka.

Ángel Pantoja, photography and collaging as weapons for social criticism

The Sevillian Ángel Pantoja cannot comprehend life without art, or art that doesn’t have some connection to real life. This artist uses digital technology to create images that encourage critique of human beings and our ways of life. The exhibition ‘Present Day Mythologies’ brings together his artistic work of the last few years. In the exhibition, Pantoja reflects on the enforcement of gender labels and the terrible consumerism that creates only a fake sense of happiness, and ventures into the simulation of a postapocalyptic world in which human beings are simply memories that manifest themselves through the remains of their consumer goods.

José Manuel Fernández, a Paralympic athlete that is not detained by distances

José Manuel Fernández Barranquero started running to improve his school grades and ended up participating in two Paralympic Games. José Manuel, who suffers from a brachial palsy in his right arm, competed in Atlanta and Sidney, where he won a bronze medal in 800 meters and a silver one in 4×400. Then, he left the top-level competition, but never sport. Some years later, he returned to competition with duathlon, a sport in which he has been proclaimed medium distance Spanish champion of in 2017.

José Esquinas, the guardian of agricultural biodiversity fighting hunger and poverty

The agricultural engineer, José Esquinas, has worked for 30 years for the FAO, the organization of the United Nations that fights global hunger. His work has contributed to preserve the biodiversity of agricultural species throughout the planet, thanks to the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food, promoted by himself and signed by 140 counties. Its goal is to ensure the conservation of the diversity of agricultural species in germplasm banks, its sustainable use and the fair distribution of benefits for farmers.