Rosa Nieves, a pioneer of 3D printing in Spain

Rosa Nieves León (Alcuadete, Jaén) studied Architecture but, whilst she finished her bachelor thesis, she began to work on 3D printing along with her current associate. That’s the origin of Printed Dreams, a company founded in 2012 that has become a leader in the Spanish technology sector. They work on several spheres, but one of the most interesting is biomedicine. Within this field, they have begun to work on the creation of organoids, the first step towards the creation of 3D printed organs with bioink.

Aquel Trovar, 25 years diving in the history of lost music

Aquel Trovar is a group of Cordovan musicians that recover music that has been lost. Since 25 years ago, they reconstruct scores and melodies from the Middle Age, and the Renaissance and Baroque periods by studying historical files and documents. In addition, they build replicas of ancient instruments in their own workshop and, with the support of the voice of a soprano, they rescue the music that disappeared centuries ago.

Francisco Gámiz, searching for new uses for graphene to combat cancer

He leads the Graphene Lab of the University of Granada, one of the most complete public labs in Europe. Franciso Gámiz has collaborates in several European projects, and his group coordinates an over 4.5 million euros European project about ‘The Internet of Things. In addition, they are working on graphene biosensors able to detect cancer markers.

Manuel Oliva, a wood carver from Cádiz among the top international masters

Wood carver Manuel Oliva is the only Spanish artisan that is attending the World Wood Day 2017, the most important wood event at an international level that is annually held in California, gathering master from around the world. Before he achieved this, he grew up observing Holy Week processions in his hometown, San Fernando, in Cádiz. However, he preferred the floats’ wood-carved ornamentation over the sculptures. Since he was a little boy, he kept those designs he saw on his mind to put them to paper when he arrived home. Today, at the age of 30, he owns a workshop and brotherhoods from all over Andalusia have trusted him as he’s already a prestigious wood carver.