Melatonin shows positive effects on reducing and repairing damage caused by a stroke

The research group ‘Cellular and age-related stress’ at the University of Jaén has carried out a baseline study on melatonin, a hormone that we produce regularly, and has shown the positive effects it has on reducing and repairing damage caused by a stroke, a condition that affects 1 in 6 people in Spain. The study will be used to develop future treatments using this hormone, which is already known for its benefits in regulating sleep and slowing down ageing.

Bookcrossing inside the hospital to make the hours of waiting more bearable

The Reina Sofia Hospital in Cordova has developed a bookcrossing initiative where books are distributed on every floor of the hospital to ease the long hospital hours of patients and their relatives. They are give and take books, that somebody puts down and somebody else picks up, to read and then put back in another place in the hospital ready for the next reader. In this way, reading has a therapeutic role, as the hospital receives book donations from patients and their visitors, who confirm that this initiative helped to improve their hospital stay.