Advances in the treatment of Fragile X Syndrome with the first medication of its kind

After 15 years of research, researchers from the Regional Hospital in Málaga and the Institute of Biomedical Research of Málaga have developed a medication to treat Fragile X Syndrome. The European Medicines Agency has granted orphan drug status to this product, with 65% effectiveness in the clinical trial carried out.

Integration after overcoming childhood cancer with the help of an association

When childhood cancer is cured parents believe that the nightmare has finished. However, the treatments received by children with cancer have associated complications that cause physical and psychological sequels that must be treated by an specialist before children go back to their normal lives. The Spanish Association for the Effects of Cancer Treatment was created in Seville to fulfil this task and guarantee that these children receive the assistance they need to be able to fully integrate into society.

An app to diagnose multiple sclerosis before its symptoms appear

A researcher from the University of Jaén is part of the multidisciplinary team that has created the Health Engineering spin-off company to commercialize an app that allows the early detection of multiple sclerosis and to know in advance the symptoms that patients will experience. This is possible thanks to the analysis of the fractal dimension of the data show in MRIs, which enables health professionals to diagnose the disease before the apparition of the first lesions or to determine how the disease will evolve over the next two years.