A photographic project adapts the social denunciation of Murillo’s works to the 21st century

Photojournalists Laura León and José Antonio Lamadrid will participate in the Murillo Year with a photography exhibition that aims to highlight the social character of the works of this Baroque artist. The photographers have selected twelve paintings and adapted them to the 21st century, keeping their illumination style and composition. The pictures of Laura and José Antonio aims to bring visibility to the social reality behind evictions, immigration, maternity or homophobia through their interpretation of these works, which were painted four centuries ago.

A pioneering workshop teaches flamenco to people in wheelchairs or with functional diversity

Dancer and teacher Jose Galán is making history in the field of flamenco education. He´s already known for his innovative shows starring students with mental disabilities. Now, he´s teaching flamenco to people in wheelchairs or with other physical limitations.  Taking it one step further, the Christina Hereen Foundation is donating space for his classes.