Narrating Landscapes, a site to discover 100 of the most prominent cultural landscapes of Spain

Narrating Landscapes is an interactive platform that distributes 100 of the most prominent cultural landscapes of Spain through videos, maps and articles that travel through the centuries of historical heritage. It is the result of two years of research by the Polytechnic University of Madrid which has formed the Seville company, Geographica. The initiative is sponsored by the Spanish Cultural Heritage Institute within the National Plan of the Cultural Landscape.

The investigation of Federico García Lorca’s crime is revived in the comic La araña del olvido

La araña del olvido’ is a graphic novel that talks about the unforeseen events in the life of a North American writer, Agustín Penón, who arrived in Granada in 1955 to attempt to clear up the details surrounding the murder of Federico García Lorca. Enrique Bonet makes use of comic to get closer to the character and the time period.

Velázquez travels in time from the Baroque Period to get children interested in art

Velázquez has travelled in time to the present from the seventeenth century to transmit children his passion for painting. He has become the guide of the activity ‘Velázquez’s Workshop’, a family visit, organised by the Engranajes Culturales Company, to the ‘Velázquez. Murillo. Sevilla’ exhibition, which will be held in the headquarters of the Focus Abengoa Foundation in Seville until the 2nd of April. The visit is adapted to children and, in addition, kids learn how to employ the egg tempera painting technique, which was used in the time of these great painters, and dress up like characters from the Baroque Period.

Flat rate books sales promote culture

Utopia, a publishing house in Cordova, offers readers a flat rate subscription to their entire library of books. For a modest monthly fee of 8.50 euros, book lovers can browse through nearly one hundred titles and reserve one text a month. The service includes online and in-store catalogues that allow subscribers the choice to pick up their books at the store or have them sent straight to their homes. Additionally, this offer aims to encourage readership by inviting subscribers to participate in book presentations and other cultural activities hosted by the publishing house.