Flat rate books sales promote culture

Utopia, a publishing house in Cordova, offers readers a flat rate subscription to their entire library of books. For a modest monthly fee of 8.50 euros, book lovers can browse through nearly one hundred titles and reserve one text a month. The service includes online and in-store catalogues that allow subscribers the choice to pick up their books at the store or have them sent straight to their homes. Additionally, this offer aims to encourage readership by inviting subscribers to participate in book presentations and other cultural activities hosted by the publishing house.

Sabias: History’s forgotten great female scientists

Sabias is the latest book from writer Adela Muñoz, professor of inorganic chemistry at the University of Seville. Hypatia of Alexandria, Ada Lovelace, Rosalind Franklin… Sabias compiles the biographies and great scientific contributions of these women and others whose names are unknown by the majority of the population. Victims of obscurity, of male dominance, the author recovers these figures to create justice, and so that they serve as a reference for the future generations of female scientists.

From Super 8 to a digital format to recover the memories of a whole era

The project ‘My Life’ has been boosted by the Film Archive of Andalusia to restore and preserve the memories recorded by the Andalusian Families of the 60’s and 70’s in Super 8 format. They offer a service that digitalises cinematographic material shoot in analogic format and, at the same time, allows Andalusians to store their personal film heritage in the Film Archive of Andalusia. This service is offered for free and it is expected to be spread to other formats in the future.

Technological innovation to keep the legacy of Miguel Hernández alive

2017 marks the 75th anniversary of the death of poet Miguel Hernández. His literary and personal legacy is in Jaén. New technologies have become an instrument to show it to the public in the Miguel Hernández Museum of Quesada, the hometown of this poet’s wife, Josefina Manresa. In addition, the Jaen Studies Institute has just completed the digitalisation of this legacy and has made it available to everyone by uploading it to the Internet. Their platform includes over 5.000 records that include documents, books, pictures, letters and other objects.