A photographic project adapts the social denunciation of Murillo’s works to the 21st century


Photojournalists Laura León and José Antonio Lamadrid will participate in the Murillo Year with a photography exhibition that aims to highlight the social character of the works of this Baroque artist. The photographers have selected twelve paintings and adapted them to the 21st century, keeping their illumination style and composition. The pictures of Laura and […]

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Velázquez travels in time from the Baroque Period to get children interested in art


Velázquez has travelled in time to the present from the seventeenth century to transmit children his passion for painting. He has become the guide of the activity ‘Velázquez’s Workshop’, a family visit, organised by the Engranajes Culturales Company, to the ‘Velázquez. Murillo. Sevilla’ exhibition, which will be held in the headquarters of the Focus Abengoa […]

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