A pioneering workshop teaches flamenco to people in wheelchairs or with functional diversity


Dancer and teacher Jose Galán is making history in the field of flamenco education. He´s already known for his innovative shows starring students with mental disabilities. Now, he´s teaching flamenco to people in wheelchairs or with other physical limitations.  Taking it one step further, the Christina Hereen Foundation is donating space for his classes.

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Integraciclo, publicity on wheels to help teenagers with disabilities to find a job


Integraciclo is a Cordovan initiative that, through advertising, allows young people with intellectual disabilities to join the job market and allows advertisers to give an added value to their messages.These teenagers pedal through the city on bikes as a form of eco-friendly advertising, and it is an example of social engagement that involves supporting their […]

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The Lives in Class Project describes first-hand the reality of people with disabilities


The Verdiblanca Association for people with disabilities has started the awareness campaign ‘Vidas en las Aulas’ (or ‘Lives in Class’) that aims to share the daily lives of people with disabilities with one thousand students. Their goal is to change the perception that the students have of these people to build a more respectful and […]

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