Accessible science with a microbiology workshop aimed at children with hearing impairments

hearing impairments

The University of Jaén is developing educational workshops to promote scientific vocations amongst children. Their project includes children with disabilities. One of the workshops’ proposals is to introduce microbiology to youngsters with hearing impairments. Whilst staining bacteria and observing them under a microscope, they also learn that they have to wash their hands before eating […]

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Valerie Samayoa, the fastest and most international fencer in Andalusia

Valerie Samayoa

Valerie Samayoa began fencing at the age of 12. She is now 16, has competed internationally ten times and is the most esteemed figure in Andalusian fencing, having participated eleven times in Spanish Championships. She trains at the Maracena Fencing Club in Granada and after three years is approaching her hundredth official competition (regional, national […]

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