A software to save time and gain efficiency in the billing of pharmacies


Malagan entrepreneurs are designing a software to automate and test the billing process of medical receipts dispensed in pharmacies. It’s called Mksys and it’s a development from the business Markiasoft. It involves saving time and costs, and offers more effectiveness for pharmacies, while avoiding possible errors that can entail financial side-affects. This project forms part […]

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An app allows you to track minute by minute the kids in the nursery


With just one click, mothers and fathers can from home or from work know what activity their children are doing in the nursery schools, if they’re healthy, how well they’ve eaten… It’s thanks to ‘Kinder Close,’ an app created by two Sevillian entrepreneurs which allows for direct contact with families and teachers that now rely […]

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Juan Antonio Reyes, an international role model in the farming of tropical fruits

tropical fruits

His family has always been tied to this field. Juan Antonio Reyes Gutiérrez left his medicine career to lend a hand to the family business. In 1993 he founded Reyes Gutiérrez S.L., committed to the production of tropical fruits such as avocados and mangos and based in Vélez-Málaga. They export these products throughout Europe from […]

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