Manager BG, a card game igniting passion for Sevilla F.C. and Real Betis

Manager BG is a card game about football that combines luck and the real skills of Real Betis and Sevilla F.C. players, to bring the passion for football to gatherings between friends and families. It is the creation of Pablo Bella, a young man from Utrera (Seville), who has four games already on the market under his own publishing company DizemoGames. Manager BG is now on sale in both clubs’ official shops.

Customers save the only bookshop in Andalusia that specialises in Architecture and Design

The Reina Mercedes Bookshop is a true haven for architects and building engineers in Seville. It is located opposite the University and was opened in 1967. José Antonio Barrera and Carlos Pedraza, along with many others, have been regular customers there since their student days. In 2016, with the retirement of its former owner, it was on the brink of closing down permanently, and probably being converted into a sandwich shop just like the many others in the area. However, Carlos and José Antonio decided to invest their savings in order to prevent this happening. Now, the RM Bookshop, the only bookshop in Andalusia that specialises in Architecture and Design, is turning 50 with renewed funding and an online store.

Silopierdes, the ID system that allows you to find and recover your lost belongings

Silopierdes is a system that, using little devices, puts the people who find lost objects in contact with their owners. It’s the creation of Rubén Corrales, a computer expert from El Bosque, a little town in Sierra de Cádiz. The idea came to him after a real experience: “I lost my car keys. Somebody probably found them and wanted to give them back to their owner, but as they had no way of identifying or contacting me, they couldn’t”. After this, he decided to develop, a project that has been supported by ‘Minerva’, a programme run by Vodafone and the Council of Andalusia that boosts technological ventures.