Scoobic, a 4.0 electric vehicle designed for last mile delivery within smart cities

Scoobic is an electric vehicle that has been designed in Seville for last mile delivery. In addition, it is equipped with a filter that absorbs CO2 and cleans the air. This invention has received the maximum technical excellence qualification from the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Industry. This vehicle, the first of its kind in Spain, is expected to arrive in the streets by the beginning of 2018.

Social Parking, an app to find a parking spot in real time and create greener cities

How to achieve reducing the time that is spent finding a parking spot? This was the question posed by Alejandro, a young person from Seville. After thinking about it, he decided to present his proposal in the competition of innovative ideas to his business, Soltel. The idea was successful and so began Social Parking, a mobile app that finds parking spots in real time.