Exchanging videos and stories for teeth: the online initiative of Pérez Mouse

Perez’s Visit is a website where parents can exchange the baby teeth of their little ones for customised stories and videos while Pérez Mouse, the Spanish version of the Tooth Fairy, brings the fairytale to life. This is the initiative of a Sevillian entrepreneur inspired by the excitement that her daughters feel for the magical mouse.

Sirae, an intelligent system to reduce the electric bill

A company in Malaga has developed Sirae, a system that allows for rationing electric consumption in homes. Through the use of devices and a mobile app, the user can control the consumption of his or her electrical appliances, use them during the hours when it is cheapest to do so, and in that way save on his or her electric bill. This project is part of the Minerva Program of technological entrepreneurship, boosted by Vodafone and the Andalusian Government.

Creation of the first cosmetic made from the fat of Iberian ham

An entrepreneur from Villanueva de Córdoba has created the first cosmetic made from the fat of Iberian ham: natural soaps with the stamp of the Los Pedroches Denomination of Origin. Following the tradition of the elderly women who used to make soap with used oils, this artisan makes it with the fat from Iberian ham and aromatic plants from the region, such as lavender and rosemary. These plants give color and aroma to the cosmetic, which stands out due to its effectiveness as a moisturizer.

Caracol Express: Andalusian gastronomy now just a click away

Snails form part of the Cordovan gastronomy and, thanks to an entrepreneur initiative, they are now being shipped to various cities in all of Spain. In the past 30 years, Caracol Express has cooked and served about a ton of this mollusk daily from Cordova while recently spreading to all corners of the country, to where it arrives prepared from more than twenty different recipes that combine the traditional with the innovative.