Agua de Olivo, the first refreshing beverage made with olive leaves is launched into the market

Olive leaves have been used for medical purposes since ancient times. In many homes, olive leaves infusions were made as remedy to lower blood pressure. Several studies have certifies the benefits of ingesting these infusions when taken at the proper dosage. This is the reason why entrepreneurs from Jaén have launched an organic olive leaf extract beverage into the market. This product has a high amount of antioxidants.

Entreenate, a gym in the open air to combat a sedentary lifestyle

Entreenate was created in Seville three years ago with the aim of promoting a healthy lifestyle based on sports and diet. From Monday to Friday, and following a schedule, they teach sports classes in the parks of the city. Their clients pay a flat rate that allows them to attend to as much trainings as they want. In addition, they offer personal training and diet advice services.