Rocío Molina, a dancer between traditional and avant-garde flamenco

Rocío Molina was born in Malaga, Andalusia, in 1984 and has succeeded in Japan, France, Mexico, Taiwan and the United Kingdom. On the stage, she expresses her doubts, illusions and concerns. Each performance shows a part of her, a chapter of her life. It is her truth. For this reason, she is not afraid of combining in her works the essence of the flamenco style with the avant-garde dance. She started to dance at the early age of three years old and at seven, she was outlining her first choreographies. In 2010, at 26, she was awarded the Spanish National Award of Dance. Her last work is named ‘Caída del cielo’(‘Fallen from the sky‘).

Juan José Marmolejo, a master precious-metalsmith reproducing Visigoth jewelry

He inherited his father’s trade, a prestigious metalsmith from Seville, Andalusia, who opened his workshop during the forties. His childhood memories are closely linked to working with noble metals. Today, Juan José Marmolejo is one of the most important metalsmiths in Spain. The sculptures of the Spanish Holy Week are embellished by his works. For some time now, he has specialized in archeological craft work too. His most notable work is the reproduction of the Visigoth Kings’ crowns.

Pablo Cervantes, cinema and TV soundtracks with international recognition

Pablo Cervantes was born in Seville, Andalusia. When he was a child, he dreamed of becoming a vet. But during his adolescence, music came into his life by chance, just like important things use to come. His father gave him a keyboard and since then, he discovered how interesting composing songs was. So, from play to success. At only 22 years-old and along with the Spanish producer, José Luis Garci, Pablo Cervantes composed the soundtrack of the film ´You are the one`, becoming a music referent for the Spanish cinema. Since then, he has composed the original soundtracks of 28 films, jingles for over 50 television shows and has also participated in three Spanish TV series. Pablo Cervantes was awarded in the Malaga Film Festival and in the Toulouse Film Festival. He has also been three times Goya-nominated.

Eliacer Cansino, the pen and paper that answer the questions of the young Spanish readers

Eliacer Cansino was born in Seville, Andalusia, and he is the author of one of the most important best-sellers in the Spanish Youth Literature: “El Misterio de Velázquez” (“The Mystery of Velázquez”). The book has been translated to many languages and has been declared as a required reading in several high schools. In 2010, Cansino was awarded the National Children’s and Young people’s Literature Award by the Spanish Government thanks to his novel ‘Una habitación en Babel’ (‘A room in Babel’), which tells the life of an immigrant and his relationship with his teacher. Cansino, is a writer, philosopher and a retired professor, who has written more than thirty books for children and young people. He believes that what really gets young people interested in reading is to find the book that tells them about their concerns.