Ángel Pantoja, photography and collaging as weapons for social criticism

The Sevillian Ángel Pantoja cannot comprehend life without art, or art that doesn’t have some connection to real life. This artist uses digital technology to create images that encourage critique of human beings and our ways of life. The exhibition ‘Present Day Mythologies’ brings together his artistic work of the last few years. In the exhibition, Pantoja reflects on the enforcement of gender labels and the terrible consumerism that creates only a fake sense of happiness, and ventures into the simulation of a postapocalyptic world in which human beings are simply memories that manifest themselves through the remains of their consumer goods.

Javier Fernández, a hint of Andalusia giving life to DC Comics’ superheroes

Currently, Javier Fernández works for DC Comics, more specifically on the series ‘Nightwing’. Settled in Granada, Andalusia, he previously worked for the European Market and was in charge of many other orders to for the USA. Some of his most important works are: ‘Hazañas Bélicas’ (‘Military Exploits’) and a comic book based on the biography of Amy Winehouse. Before working for DC Comics, the series on which he is currently working, he created a new character, ‘Doomed‘.

Antonio Andrade and Úrsula Moreno, a company bringing flamenco to stages from all over the world

Antonio Andrade, from Seville, and Úrsula Moreno, from Malaga, founded a 100% Andalusian flamenco dance company which has more than 20 members. ‘Mi Carmen flamenca’ was their first own show and thanks to it, they have been all around the world. In June 2017, this company will launch its second own production, ‘Torera’, at the Canovas Theater, in Malaga.

Benoît Drousie Zidrou, comedy and comic stories constantly looking for new challenges

Benoît Drousie lives in Ronda (Málaga) since 2011. This Belgian scriptwriter, also known as ‘Zidrou‘, is one of the most important comic referents. He began his professional career working for the magazine ‘Spirou‘, but his greatest success is the series ‘L’Élève Ducobu’, of which five million copies have been sold only in French. In Spain, he is best known for his comics for adults, with recognized titles such as ‘La piel del oso ‘(or ‘Bear Skin’) and ‘The Folies Bergère’.