Juan Carlos Fuentes, the businessman behind the facial cream that triumphs in Mercadona

facial cream

After developing a career related to Pharmacy and pharmaceutical labs, Juan Carlos Fuentes directs Starhealthcare, a company headquartered in Granada and that manufactures the Sisbela facial cream, which has triumphed in Mercadona. Starhealthcare has become the best-selling cosmetics company in Andalusia, despite the company was created after the purchase of a bankrupted factory. This factory […]

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Nomasa, a family business that has found a place in the heart of the aeronautical industry


I was the year 2010 and the economic recession affected the whole of Spain, however, three siblings from Seville: Rocío, Salvador and Jesús, decided not to follow the business tradition of their family and start their own company. That’s how Nomasa was founded, a company specialized in the manufacturing of pieces for the aeronautical industry. […]

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Georgina Chimali and Saliu Coumba, sustainable fashion to flood the streets with colour

sustainable fashion

Saliou is from Senegal and Georgina is from Seville. This couple have just launched their own sustainable fashion brand in order to flood the streets of Andalusia, and the whole of Spain, with colour. With colour and with justice. All of the brand Xelcom Prestige’s clothes and accessories are made by Senegalese craftswomen who receive […]

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