Ana Agüera, research to minimize the impact of contaminants in rivers and lakes


Almerian Ana Agüera, a professor of Chemistry and Physics at the University of Almería with a PhD in Chemical Science by the University of Granada, began to work in this field of science by chance. She leads the Andalusian Investigation Group for Environmental Analysis and Water Treatment and her work is focused on the analysis […]

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Jorge Ramos, the Andalusian junior table tennis champion having overcome a rare illness

Jorge Ramos

Jorge Ramos, Lebrija, has just become Andalusian Table Tennis junior champion. At barely 2 years old, he showed the first symptoms of an illness that caused necrosis from the top of both femurs. Then the diagnosis came in: Perthes disorder, a rare disease which affects one in 10,000 children. He went through various doctors, he […]

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Sabrina Casal, a multidisciplinary artist who portrays souls

Sabrina Casal

In 2016, Sevillian painter Sabrina Casal received the gold medal from the Forum Europe 2001. This self-taught, inquiring and insomniac artist, above-all, believes in the power of light and colour. She is specially known for her portraits. “A good portrait must capture the person’s soul. And the soul is reflected in the eyes”, claims Sabrina […]

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