María José Cruz Rosón, aloe vera cultivation focused on a future gel extraction


María José Cruz Rosón directs the company Cosensa between Madrid and Almería where the farm El Maltés is located, with more than 800 hectares. This is the largest aloe vera plantation in Andalusia. They produce over 100,000 plants per year and most of them are exported to Germany and Slovenia. Currently they focus on selling […]

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Antonio Rivero, sweet creations showcased in the largest chocolate museum in Spain


His passion for chocolate led him to travel to find out the secrets of the great Swiss and French masters. But he didn’t stop there. After 30 years of collecting chocolate-related hardware, he has set up the largest chocolate museum in Spain in Estepa (Seville), called Chocomundo. Antonio Rivero, who studied Chemistry, also manages a […]

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