A photographic project adapts the social denunciation of Murillo’s works to the 21st century


Photojournalists Laura León and José Antonio Lamadrid will participate in the Murillo Year with a photography exhibition that aims to highlight the social character of the works of this Baroque artist. The photographers have selected twelve paintings and adapted them to the 21st century, keeping their illumination style and composition. The pictures of Laura and […]

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Remedios Málvarez, a social portrait of life through cinema and photography

Remedios Málvarez

Remedios Málvarez studied Law but she never worked as a lawyer. She has always had a vocation for photography and image, so she finally shot her first short film ‘Silencio’, and captured life from a different perspective. In 2016 she presented her first feature film, ‘Alalá’, which had seven nominations for the Goya Awards 2016.

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Ángel Pantoja, photography and collaging as weapons for social criticism

Ángel Pantoja

The Sevillian Ángel Pantoja cannot comprehend life without art, or art that doesn’t have some connection to real life. This artist uses digital technology to create images that encourage critique of human beings and our ways of life. The exhibition ‘Present Day Mythologies’ brings together his artistic work of the last few years. In the […]

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