A unique initiative turns young people into the health advisors of their mates

health advisors

In the Almudeyne High School in Los Palacios, Seville, young health advisors are in charge of promoting healthy habits among their mates. The initiative of these students was started after the ‘Forma Joven’ programme was implemented in their high school. They decided to get involved and become a bond between their mates and health professionals. […]

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Fandangos and verdiales in the classes of the first high school in Spain that teaches flamenco


The Institute of Secondary Education Carmen Laffón, in San José de la Rinconada (Seville), is the first in Spain to introduce flamenco as a subject in its classrooms.  The students of the Theatrical Arts Sixth Form Collegeare studying distinct types of flamenco, rhythm, playing guitar, dancing and singing. This is a pilot experience implemented thanks […]

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