The blog written by mental health patients of the Virgen Macarena Hospital triumphs on the Net

Therapists and patients from the Mental Health Rehabilitation Unit of the Virgen Macarena Hospital in Seville, started together an adventure in 2008 that has exceeded their expectations. They created a blog to express themselves and speak about their emotions and what it is like to live with a mental disorder. This blog has already received over half a million visits and has awakened a literary vocation in some of its authors.

Organic extra virgin olive oil to alleviate the symptoms of fibromyalgia

A study conducted by the University of Jaén, in collaboration with the University of Granada and the Jaén Hospital Complex, has proved that eating organic extra virgin olive oil alleviated the symptoms caused by fibromyalgia. 36 patients from the Fibromyalgia Association of Jaén have participated in this study. They formed two groups that followed similar diets, but one group consumed organic olive oil whilst the other didn’t. Both the analyses and the control tests conducted on patients confirmed a reduction of fatigue and muscle stiffness in patients.

An exercise programme improves the mobility of multiple sclerosis patients in eight weeks

Researchers from the Physiotherapy Department of the University of Granada have developed an intervention programme that improves hand and arm mobility in patients diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. This eight-week programme consists of 60 minute sessions that are carried out twice a week.

Virgin olive oil combined with seaweed to prevent skin and eye diseases

A research team from the University of Jaén has developed a type of extra virgin olive oil that is enriched with seaweed to prevent eye and skin diseases. They have also observed that the product is stabilised, avoiding its degradation. This way the product can double its durability, delaying its expiration date.