Ec2ce, artificial intelligence and big data to combat plagues


Sevilian entrepreneurs Ricardo and Pedro didn’t know anything about farming, but they knew a lot about business development. So, after considering it carefully, they decided to create Ec2ce, a company specialised in artificial intelligence and big data that helps agro-industrial and cattle farming companies make the right decisions regarding the management of their businesses. They […]

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Óscar Cordón, artificial intelligence applied to forensic medicine and marketing


Óscar Cordón is a professor of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence at the University of Granada. Aged 43, he has dedicated half of his life to this field. He received the National Computer Science Award given by the Spanish Computer Science Society. His research is applied to solve different issues such as forensic identification of […]

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Pilar Manchón, artificial intelligence systems that reach success in Silicon Valley


In 2013 Pilar Manchón became one of Intel’s managers, a world technological giant. Ten years before, she had created a company, Indisys, along with her partners of the University of Seville aimed at the creation of artificial intelligence systems for the interaction between people and virtual assistants. Today this company represents Intel in Spain and Pilar […]

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Francisco Herrera, an international model in the field of artificial intelligence


Francisco Herrera studied Mathematics, as it was what he liked most, but the specialized in Computer Science. He confesses that the first computer he worked with could be in a museum. Now he works in the Artificial Intelligence field, with machines able to process huge amounts of information. He has received his last award in […]

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