Fiixit, 3D splints as an alternative to plaster casts to make fractures heal faster


Young entrepreneurs from Malaga are developing 3D printed splints that substitute plaster casts when a limb is immobilised from a fracture or break. The initiative, called Fiixit, is already in use in different orthopaedic centres. The main advantages compared to casts are that they are lighter, they let you sweat and they allow patients to […]

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More efficient and better quality plastic caps thanks to 3D printing


Scientists from the research group INNANOMAT at the University of Cádiz are creating plastic cap prototypes in their laboratory, using additive manufacturing, commonly known as 3D technology. It’s a collaborative project between the University and Torrent Group, a Cádiz company and global leader in the manufacture of plastic caps for the olive oil industry. The […]

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