Tate’s Adventures, a child’s game to overcome language and speech disorders

A group of entrepreneurs from Cordoba are the creators of Tate’s Adventures, an app that is unique in the market and that is aimed at children with language and speech disorders. It is a tool that provides support to parents and education professionals and that allows children to improve their linguistic and communication skills in a fun way. ‘Tate’s Adventures’ is part of the Minerva Programme of technological entrepreneurship boosted by Vodafone and the Andalusian Government.

Granada professor uses gamification to train future teachers

Combining games and technology as tools for teaching: Isaac J Perez,a  professor from the University of Granada, is making learning fun again by using gamification to spice up his classroom routine. He hopes to prepare future educators with innovative lesson plans using interactive games, audiovisual references, and more.

Wet Edu Games, first-hand experiences to learn English in a different way

Wet Edu Games is an educational project that aims to bring first-hand experiences to English academies around Spain. Its creators are Cristina and Alejandro, from Seville. Their expertise as English teachers has motivated them to create a new method that turns lessons into a game, as real as possible. This way, students apply what they have learnt during the course to real situations.