Aprendices visuales, tales in five languages that stimulate the learning process of children with autism


Miriam and Amélie are two entrepreneurs from Cádiz who believe that a picture is worth more than a thousand words, at least when it comes to dealing with children with autism. After their cousin José was diagnosed, they decided to create pictogram books. That was the origin of Aprendices Visuales, a small NGO with a […]

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BeRacing, an innovative app to become a professional racing pilot


Alejandro Fuertes is from Cádiz and a motor racing enthusiast who ha turn his hobby into an entrepreneurial adventure. Through the Brain initiative, Alejandro has created a professional app that is at everyone’s reach. It’s called BeRacing and it works with any type of vehicle. It measures times and analyses driving techniques. The project was […]

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Paola Medina, a wine expert working for the largest European winery

Paola Medina

This wine expert from Jerez, Cadiz (Andalusia), is the technical manager of Williams and Humbert, a Spanish winery founded in 1877 whose wines are sold in 80 different countries. According to its dimensions, it’s the largest European winery. She lives her job passionately. The complexity of the Jerez wines and the inheritance of their rich tradition […]

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