AcroIntegra, a project that teaches acrobatic gymnastics to people with disabilities

acrobatic gymnastics

The Balans Acrobatic Gymnastics Club develops in Granada an innovative project that aims to bring acrobatic gymnastics to people with intellectual disabilities. They develop the AcroIntegra project in collaboration with the provincial council. This initiative helps these people improve their physical condition and coordination.

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New software measures brain waves to improve the effectiveness of early treatment in children


Innovation is the result of the work by Andrés Mejías, an engineer from Huelva, who has counted on the collaboration of the ASPROMÍN association. A helmet is placed over the children’s heads during therapy so it can record their brain waves. Then, software designed by Mejías registers and measures the attention and relaxation levels of […]

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Avinde, the project of an NGO to make people with intellectual disabilities gain independence


AVINDE is an initiative started by the Sevillian NGO Paz y Bien. It is aimed at people with intellectual disabilities with lack of family support and who have lived shelters or sheltered housing for a long time. These people receive support and are supervised by professionals from this association. 30 people have already benefited from […]

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