A videogame to warn of the dangers of crossing the Strait of Gibraltar in dinghies

It is a project by the company Omnium Lab in collaboration with the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations and their programme PEACEapp.Survival’ is a graphic adventure which hopes to warn people of the danger involved in crossing the Strait of Gibraltar in dinghies, and all the problems and threats faced during migrant crossings. In the Cádiz city, young immigrants and refugees have worked hand in hand with local teenagers to contribute to the development of the game. In this way, the project promoters have fostered intercultural coexistence.

Integraciclo, publicity on wheels to help teenagers with disabilities to find a job

Integraciclo is a Cordovan initiative that, through advertising, allows young people with intellectual disabilities to join the job market and allows advertisers to give an added value to their messages.These teenagers pedal through the city on bikes as a form of eco-friendly advertising, and it is an example of social engagement that involves supporting their integration in the professional world. The advertiser can choose from five routes to spread their message and see its effect in real time, always checking where their advertisement is and how many people are looking at it.

Imágenes street, an open air art gallery that aims to give visibility to social issues

Every year, the residents of Imágenes street in Cordova make their neighbourhood into an urban art gallery. In May, adults and children take part in creating and exhibiting pieces of art and artistic messages on a social theme that everyone has chosen. In this way, artistic expression and citizens’ demands are brought together in a month when Cordovans and tourists stroll from one courtyard to another through the historical centre of the city.

Breast milk bank: a life and hope donation for premature children

The Virgen del Rocío Hospital of Seville has created a breast milk bank, the second in Andalusia, after the one that was opened in Granada. There they store the most precious food for premature children and other newborns affected by serious pathologies.  When mothers can’t feed their children with their own milk, other caring women that produce an excess of milk donate theirs to help them survive. 1.500 mothers donate over 7,000 litres of milk a year and 2,000 children are fed by this generosity.