Nutrisun: the healthier, eco-friendly alternative to palm oil

Despite its versatility and low production cost,  palm oil has been proven to be harmful to both human health and the environment. A new creation from Sevilla could act as its replacement: Nutrisun, a combined sunflower seed oil. It´s patented by the Institute of Fat, part of the Spanish National Research Council.

Researchers create the first European soil biodiversity map

Researchers from the University of Málaga have designed the first European soil biodiversity digital map. The information it contains can be useful when making decisions about the soil by helping to manage it in a sustainable way and to optimize its use.  It can be consulted on the site of the European Environment Agency.

Evovelo, the first solar car in the world that is launched into the market

A company from Málaga, Evovelo, has created the first solar car that is going to be launched into the market. It was designed for short journeys within the city. It can reach a speed of 50 kilometres per hour and its autonomy is between 50 and 90 kilometres. The first units will be sold in several parts of the world in 2018.

Researchers discover a bacterium able to remove heavy metal from wastewater

A team from the University of Jaén has discovered a bacterium, Klebsiella 3S1, which is able to remove lead, zinc and silver from wastewater. The group has created a biofilter made from these microorganisms that can retain those materials which become contaminating and harmful, especially to animals and, by extension, to humans. In addition, the process recovers metal nanoparticles, in particular silver, that can be used in biomedicine and nanotechnology.