Using mathematics and biology to predict the future of plants in the face of climate change

Researchers from the University of Cordoba have found a mathematical formula to profile the inside of plant leaves, and consequently predict the plants’ behaviour in the face of climate change. They have shown that the resulting rate of this formula determines the pattern that the plant cells will follow to adapt to climate change.

The first winery in Spain to calculate its carbon footprint to care the environment

In Montilla, Cordova, Robles Winery has been declared a model of environmental care in Spain. It’s the first winery in Spain to calculate its carbon footprint according to the CO2 emitted during production, a rate that is reducing every year. This winery has also been a pioneer in the production of organic wines with the Montilla-Moriles Certificate of Origin, maintaining the natural connection between the land, the vineyard and its surroundings.

Infrared technology to monitor the levels of nitrates in vegetables used in baby food

The University of Cordova has discovered a new way of ensuring that vegetables for use in baby food don’t contain more nitrates than permitted. With NIRS technology, they are able to monitor the level of nitrates, either in the plantation itself or after harvesting. Nitrates are naturally present in vegetables, but there are health regulations to determine the level permitted for consumption, as when they exceed a certain amount they are considered to be carcinogenic.