Organic extra virgin olive oil to alleviate the symptoms of fibromyalgia


A study conducted by the University of Jaén, in collaboration with the University of Granada and the Jaén Hospital Complex, has proved that eating organic extra virgin olive oil alleviated the symptoms caused by fibromyalgia. 36 patients from the Fibromyalgia Association of Jaén have participated in this study. They formed two groups that followed similar […]

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Researchers discover a bacterium able to remove heavy metal from wastewater


A team from the University of Jaén has discovered a bacterium, Klebsiella 3S1, which is able to remove lead, zinc and silver from wastewater. The group has created a biofilter made from these microorganisms that can retain those materials which become contaminating and harmful, especially to animals and, by extension, to humans. In addition, the […]

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