Elisa Pérez Vera, a pioneer who became first woman Dean in the Spanish university

Elisa Pérez Vera

She studied law in Granada, and received her doctorate in 1965. The Granadian Elisa Pérez Vera is a specialist in International Law and participated in various international committees in the 1970s. In 1982 she became first woman Dean in the Spanish university, having being elected for this position in the Spanish National Distance Education University. […]

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A young lawyer creates Lexpire, an app to consult the deadlines for paying fines


Carlos Ibáñez, a young lawyer from Seville, has created a mobile app called Lexpire. This tool allows users to query the deadline for paying a fine or to file a notice of opposition against the Treasury Department. It is aimed at citizens and Law specialists. Lawyers can also use it to calculateprocedural deadlines in different jurisdictions.

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