Miguel Guirao, awarded internationally for spreading scientific knowledge of the anatomy


Born in a family of anatomists, Miguel Guirao Piñeyro became one of them, following in the footsteps of his grandfather and father. Dedicated to teaching for the past 35 years, and spreading knowledge. For the 50th Anniversary of the Spanish Anatomical Society he set up the exhibition, ‘Anatomy, a journey through the human body’ in […]

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My Closet: an app that suggests what clothes you should wear based on your style and the weather


Julio García, a computer scientist from Cádiz has created the app ‘Mi Armario’(My Closet), a tool aimed at solving the daily problem of… “What should I wear today?” The app makes suggestions to the user about what is available in terms of their taste, desired combinations and things that go together. These suggestions take the […]

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