Bubocar: diagnosis and estimated prices for repairs before taking the car to the shop


Bubocar is the project in which Sevillian entrepreneur Sergio Fuentes attempts to revolutionize the automotive industry in Spain. After a malfunction, the client enters their data and the car’s information on the website (www.bubocar.com). Within a few hours, they receive the visit of a technician who offers a diagnosis and an estimated price for the […]

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Interguardias: the first shift exchange network for health workers to reconcile work and family


Ignacio López, a family doctor from Andalusia who works in Seville has just created Interguardias, a platform that allows medical professionals, nurses and vets to swap their shifts. The web puts health workers in contact with others who work in the same health area, so that in the event of an emergency or family commitment, […]

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