Manuel Santiago ‘Manolete’, flamenco from the Sacromonte to Japan


People from the USA to Japan have enjoyed his flamenco performances. Manuel Santiago Mayas, mostly known as ‘Manolete’, has dedicated his life to flamenco and stages. In 2001, he won the Spanish National Dance Award and, since 2009, he directs an International Flamenco School located in the Sacromonte quarter, in Granada, which is named after […]

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Portraits from the 19th century: the business venture of two artists


Two young people dedicated to visual arts have decided to recover ancient techniques and open El Laboratorio (The Lab) in the Granadian Sacromonte. This is a cave where they make portraits by following the collodion process, the most popular photographic technique during the late 19th century. They also offer workshops and an artist-in-residence program aimed […]

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