Paula Rodríguez, an economist specialized in gender equality at the service of the UN

Paula Rodríguez

Paula Rodríguez Modroño is a university professor, a feminist and one of the most important authorities on Feminist Economics in Spain. The prestige of this researcher from the Pablo de Olavide University (Seville) has allowed her to advice UN Women on macroeconomic policies and to collaborate in a UN program about unpaid work and care […]

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Equality in the news: workshops given by journalists in schools against machismo


Has sexism been erased? Sociological studies say no. And against this arise initiatives like ‘La igualdad es noticia’, a workshop given by the Council of Female Journalists in Seville in secondary schools and sixth forms in the province, reaching out to 4,000 students. Their aim is to help teenagers know how to identify everyday cases […]

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